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What is spam?
Spam is the term most commonly used for junk email. It refers to email that you didn't ask for and don't want cluttering your email inbox. It distracts you from the email that you do want.

Is all spam bad?
All spam is bad in that it is an unwanted intrusion, a waste of your time and attention. Some spam, however, is worse than that. Junk emails are often fraudulent get-rich-quick schemes or other scams to steal your personal or financial information. So, eliminating spam can help you enjoy the Internet more and also help keep you safer.

I thought PeoplePC automatically caught spam already?
All PeoplePC Internet access accounts come with built-in spam controls. These junk email filters do keep quite a bit of spam out of your inbox automatically. We offer our spaminator upgrade for members who want additional spam protection.

How is spaminator different from your other spam controls?
Our spam controls offer what's called "Known spam Blocking." This filters out many email messages headed for your Inbox that we can automatically identify as spam. All this junk email is deleted before it ever gets to you. But not all spam can be positively identified on our network. As many messages that we do block, because of the enormous volume of spam, quite a few junk email messages still get through. That's where spaminator can help.

Spaminator works by offering what's called Suspect Email Blocking. It automatically checks to see if an incoming message is from someone listed in your PeoplePC Web Mail address book. If it is, the email goes through to your inbox. If not, the message is rerouted to your Suspect Email folder. Since spaminator only allows email to reach you if it's from someone in your address book, it can block virtually 100% of all spam.

Won't spaminator block email from people who aren't spammers?
To prevent spaminator from filtering out email you might want, we encourage you to keep your address book updated with the addresses of all the people you'd like to hear from. But it's OK if you forget to add someone. When it filters out suspect email, spaminator sends an automatic reply message that lets the sender submit an allowed sender request to you. Spammers won't fill this out, but your friends or colleagues will, so you shouldn't miss important messages.

Do I have to download software to use spaminator?
No. It is a Web-only tool that's integrated in PeoplePC Web Mail. No additional software is required.

Can I order spaminator if I'm not a PeoplePC member?
No. We offer our spaminator service exclusively to our Internet access members.

What are the minimum system requirements for PeoplePC spaminator?
As long as you can log into Web Mail with your PeoplePC email address and password, you can use spaminator. There is no software to install. To use spaminator effectively you will need to make sure your Web Mail address book is updated with the email addresses of people you want to hear from.

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