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Want to save time online?
Want to get more done every time you use your dial-up? Then you'll want PeoplePC Accelerator Technology powering your Web browser. This powerful Internet technology can greatly improve the speed and efficiency of your dial-up experience. Sign up today and feel the speed!

7X faster dial-up surfing, faster email*
PeoplePC Accelerator Technology turbo-charges your Web browser so that Web pages load up to 7X faster than with regular dial-up.* It speeds up most email too. So, you'll get more done in less time. With fewer frustrations. It's the ultimate dial-up speed.
Your favorite pages load even faster

Our Accelerator Technology is optimized to accelerate the websites that you visit regularly. So, the more you visit your favorite sites, the faster the pages will load. You should really feel the difference!

Works automatically, all the time
Simply install our easy-to-use software, and Accelerator will work automatically whenever you connect with your dial-up service, helping you to surf faster and do more.

No hardware to install-uses your existing phone line
It's as simple as it is fast. Accelerator gets you to your favorite websites faster with no hardware to set up or worry about.

No additional cost—a great value
Unlike other dial-up services, PeoplePC includes our powerful Accelerator Technology in both our dial-up plans for no extra cost. NetZero charges an extra $5 every month for their accelerated service.**


Why should I use PeoplePC connection software?
PeoplePC's free dial-up software makes connecting to the Internet simple and reliable. Our built-in Smart Dialer automatically chooses the best available dial-up number for you each time you connect, which increases the speed and reliability of your dial-up connections.* It also includes Accelerator technology, which turbo-charges your Web browser so you can surf up to 7 times faster than regular dial-up.** It will even speed up most email too. We strongly recommend all PeoplePC members use our connection software.

Is the connection software free?
Yes. All our dial-up members can download and install the software free of charge.

Should I choose more than one Internet access number when I set up the software?
Yes. You should add all the available phone numbers that are local free calls for you. Our Smart Dialer will automatically choose the best number for you each time you connect; having more numbers to choose from should result in more consistently fast and reliable connections. To select all the numbers in a city, check the "Select All" box during setup.

Important: If you are unsure if a number is toll-free for you, please contact your phone company before you add it. Otherwise, you may incur phone company charges in addition to your PeoplePC Dial-Up subscription cost.*

How easy is the software to use?
Our connection software is super-simple to use. Just double-click the PeoplePC icon on your desktop to open the software and then click the Connect button. We’ll take care of the rest.

Can I use your connection software if I'm not a PeoplePC member?
No. We offer our free software exclusively for our dial-up Internet access members.

How do I know if PeoplePC connection software will work on my computer?
Our software should work well on most recent Windows-based computers. See detailed requirements below.

Processor (CPU)

  • Windows® 7: 1GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • Windows® Vista®: 1GHz Pentium or equivalent
  • Windows XP: 700MHz Pentium or equivalent

Memory (RAM)

  • Windows 7: 1GB
  • Windows Vista: 512MB
  • Windows XP: 128MB

Hard Drive Space

  • 100MB available

Download Time (File size: ~6MB)

  • 28.8k modem: 28 minutes
  • 56.6k modem: 15 minutes


Why should I use PeoplePC Fine-Tune?
Use it to help restore your computer's lost speed and performance! Simply using your PC for normal, everyday tasks inevitably decreases its speed and performance over time. Why? Fragmented files, invalid shortcuts, unused programs, registry problems, and more—it all adds up to a slower, more frustrating computer experience. On top of that, when you remove spyware from your PC, non-malicious but corrupted and fragmented files are left behind. Our Fine-Tune software helps you easily resolve all these issues, optimize your computer's performance and improve its speed. Use Fine-Tune regularly as part of your ongoing PC maintenance, and run it after each instance of spyware removal. It can help you enjoy your computer as much as you did when you first got it.

How easy is Fine-Tune to use?
Our Fine-Tune program offers comprehensive PC optimization that's truly easy to use. In fact, the easy-to use-interface lets you optimize your computer with one click! You can even schedule the software to run automatically at a time that is convenient for you.

What are all the features and benefits of Fine-Tune?
The following chart outlines all the features and benefits offered by our comprehensive PC optimization program.

Windows Optimization Customize Windows settings for approved appearance and performance
Memory Optimizer Optimize Windows memory settings to improve performance
Internet Speed Optimizer Optimize your network settings to improve internet speed
Startup Commander Improves Windows boot performance by removing unnecessary programs from automatically starting
Program Optimizer Accelerate program responsiveness by optimizing installed programs and Windows files
Disk Defrag Automatically improves hard drive performance by defragmenting
Registry Defrag Optimizes the registry by defragmenting
Registry Cleaner Removes unnecessary registry entries
Registry Fixer Fixes errors in the Windows registry
Security Check the security status of your system using PeoplePC Fine-Tune's security menu. For optimal security, please ensure you have anti-malware software installed on your PC, Windows Firewall enabled and the latest Windows updates installed on your PC.
Fix & Maintain Internet Files Cleaner Deletes Internet browser cache, history, and cookie files in one step
Internet Cache Removes files stored for websites
Internet History Removes previously visited websites
Internet Cookies Deletes stored personal information
Disk Fixer Automatically diagnoses and fixes disk problems
Smart Disk Check Detect problems with your computers hardware
Broken Shortcut Cleaner Find and remove invalid or broken shortcuts
System Scheduler Schedule system maintenance tasks
Error Tracker Tracks and views Windows error messages
Temporary Files Cleaner Find and remove temporary files and other unneeded data
File Cleaner Find and delete specific file types based on search criteria
File Restore Search and recover deleted photos, music, personal data, and more
Shredder Permanently shed files using U.S. Department of Defense standards
Undo It Undo changes that have been made to your computer

Can I try Fine-Tune on my computer for free?
Yes. We offer a free 30-day trial of the program. We're confident that once you try experience the increased speed and performance Fine-Tune offers you, you'll appreciate what a great value it is.*

Can I buy Fine-Tune if I'm not a PeoplePC member?
No. We offer our free trial and low-cost subscription to Fine-Tune exclusively for our Internet access members.

How do I know if Fine-Tune will work on my computer?
Our Fine-Tune software works well on most recent Windows-based computers. See detailed minimum requirements below.

Operating Systems

  • Windows 8 desktop mode, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Windows Vista, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Windows XP, 32-bit


  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB recommended
  • Hard disk space:  50 MB available

Required for all installations

  • DVD or CD-ROM drive

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