PeoplePC Mobile Mail

PeoplePC's Mobile Web Mail page offers a quick way to check your email from any web enabled phone without having to configure any software. Just point your phone's browser towards and login with your PeoplePC email address and password. You will be able to check your email as well as send messages directly from the Mobile Web Mail page.

Your Phone's Email Client

You can also setup your phone's email client to check your email directly. In order to get started, you'll need to know your PeoplePC email server settings incase you are prompted for them during your phone's email software setup.

Server Information
POP Server AuthenticationFull email address and password
POP Port110
SMTP AuthenticationFull email address and password
SMTP Port587

PeoplePC's Outgoing SMTP server is an Authenticated SMTP server that will require you to use your full email address and password to send email. Most email programs will include an option under your Outgoing SMTP field that asks if your server requires authentication. You will need to check that option and then enter in your full email address and password in order to send email.

PeoplePC's Outgoing SMTP Email server will also require you to change your email software's outgoing SMTP port to 587. In most cases, your phone will do this automatically. However, if you are having problems sending mail, look for your phone's advanced email settings and change the outgoing port to 587. If you are unable to change your outgoing mail server port or if you are unable to send email using the PeoplePC outgoing email server, you will need to contact your wireless provider for assistance configuring your device with an outgoing mail server that will work on your wireless provider's network.

Now that you know your settings, you will need to consult your wireless phones documentation on how to setup the included email software. If your phone does not have an email program, you will need to contact your wireless provider for assistance in downloading and adding email software to your device.